Daily Calorie Intake Calculator

It is very important to know how much calories your body needs on a daily basis. People starve themselves without knowing their daily calorie
requirements.On the other hand people can exceed the daily calorie intake number by eating without any knowledge of the daily calories needed by
the body of the body.Daily calorie needed is a function of your age, weight, height, gender and daily activity. With the help of Daily Calorie Intake
Calculator you can find your daily calorie needs.

Daily calorie requirement calculator is a convenient health tools among the number of other tools in flash available on this website. It can help
you lose weight as you become aware of your daily calorie intake figure. This can help you balance your diet and eventually lose weight. In other words
if you have unhealthy diet,the access calories eventually convert into fat.The daily calorie intake calculator is very convenient to use as you do not
have to any punch numbers. As you click & move the sliders with the mouse, the daily calorie requirement calculator calculates the calories needed by
you in a day.

Enjoy the calorie calculator to lose weight and stay fit!

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