Body Mass Indicator (BMI) Calculator

BMI is a universal index used to estimate one's body fat. BMI indicates your health risks by comparing your height and weight. There are limitations
to BMI so it's important to realize that it is only an estimation of body fat. People who have valid reasons for maintaining weight outside of normal
ranges (pregnant or breast feeding women, competitive athletes, body builders and people who are chronically ill) may experience inaccurate BMI values.
People with a high percentage of muscle mass may appear overweight using BMI because muscle weights more than fat.

BMI calculator is a convenient health tools among the number of other tools in flash available on this website. It can help
you lose weight as you become aware of your desired weight. This can help you balance your diet and eventually lose weight. In other words
if you have unhealthy diet,the access calories eventually convert into fat.The BMI calculator is very convenient to use as you do not
have to any punch numbers. As you click & move the sliders with the mouse, the BMI calculator calculates the status of your health

Enjoy the BMI calculator to lose weight and stay fit!

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